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Even though I dont like it to introduce myself, I will give you a rough overview about my person. If it is to rough and you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. How? You can find me on Twitter, Xing, Facebook or LinkedIn.


So, my name is Julian Kleinhans. I’m a 32 year old passionate web developer and I live with my wife and my three amazing kids in the little town of Lintorf which is just 15min away from Düsseldorf.

Beside my passion as a developer, I am also passionate about Whiskey. So it could be that i will write, beside the technological side, some reviews about my tastings from time to time.

AOE GmbHBusiness

The last 4 years I was part of the AIJKO team as a Head of Software Engineering. Since January 2015, once AIJKO was merged into the big AOE family, I am working now as a Software Architect at AOE GmbH Krefeld, a branch office of AOE GmbH Wiesbaden.

AOE, headquartered in Wiesbaden – Germany, is a leading service provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions. We implement Open Source web portals and E-Commerce and Mobile Applications for international companies on a global scale, and also offer the matching service portfolio.

Below you can find some impressions from our office in Krefeld.


And of course, you can send me a gift from my amazon wishlist if you like 😉