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Jack Daniels No 27 Gold Review

10407479_10205538169592275_681181769652987249_n No, this is not a typo, I dont mean “No 7”, there is also a Whiskey which is known as No 27 – or rather as Jack Daniels No 27 Gold. This is Jacks double barreled and double mellowed Tennessee Whiskey which was released in November 2013.

Ok, I must admit, this is not really a review, because I haven`t tasted the Whiskey yet. I have a bottle but I don`t want to open it. This is a bottle I want to keep in my Whiskey collection. But, if I got a second bottle, I will taste it and let you know my personal impression.

But, back to the Whiskey. Jack Daniels No 27 Gold is an exquisitely refined and finished expression of the original Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. It is extra matured in golden-hued maple barrels and twice charcoal mellowed for luxurious hints of maple and an exceedingly smooth finish. Due to the complexities in crafting Jack Daniels No 27 Gold, there will only be limited quantities.

1461009_10205538168232241_2333806346504229637_nSo far Jack Daniels No 27 Gold has only appeared in exclusive travel retail (i.e. duty free). Thanks to my friend Olivier Dobberkau who has brought me this awesome bottle from the airport in Frankfurt.

Country: USA
Brand: Jack Daniels
Type: Tennessee Whiskey
Alcohol: 40% (80 Proof)

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