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kj187_Dashboard_2_i4wkw6A beautiful Jenkins dashboard 2016-01-10


Inhalt-web-mobile-developer-12-2012_articleWeb & Mobile Developer 12/2012 – Seite
Im Live-Einsatz: Erfahrungsbericht – Relaunch auf Basis von TYPO3 Flow


t3n_cover_20_webt3n Magazin Nr. 20 – Seite 122
TYPO3 und AJAX – Eine Einführung für Extension-Entwickler


t3n_cover_8_webt3n Magazin Nr. 8 – Seite 108
TYPO3 im Framework-Einsatz: Mehr als nur Content Management

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UnknownTYPO3 Kochbuch – O`reilly Ausgabe 1 2006

TYPO3 Code Contributor

TYPO3 Core Extension: recycler

Dashing-JS widgets

Jenkins Job widget
The Jenkins Job widget is a generic widget for Jenkins jobs which provides a highly visible view of the build status and build progress of selected Jenkins jobs. Via configuration it is possible to add multiple widgets for different Jenkins jobs.

GitHub PullRequest widget
The GitHub PullRequest widget is a widget which provides a list of configured repositories and the amount of current open Pull Requests.

TargetProcess Impediment widget
The TargetProcess impediment widget is a small widget which provides the total amount of impediments of a specific sprint (acid). Below this amount a profile image of the responsible persons are shown.

TargetProcess Sprint widget
The TargetProcess sprint widget is a small widget which provides the team the end date of the current sprint and their left working days count.

TargetProcess Burndown widget
The TargetProcess burndown widget is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time.