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TYPO3 RealURL Management obscurities

realurlmanagementYesterday I asked on twitter if anyone knows the meaning of some obscure information that was displayed in the realURL management module. After looking into the realURL code I think I can explain you this obscurities.

But, what was the question in detail? Inside the realURL management (Info Module -> RealURL management) you are basically inside the “ID-to-path mapping”. Here you can see all available path entries from the realURL cache. Beside every path you can see some additional information, the most of them are optional. And my question was what these additional information means.

So, the first additional information is a parenthese with a integer value inside. This is the root uid of your page tree and should be the same for all pages which are part of your website. You know, you can manage multiple websites inside one TYPO3 instance.

The next additional information is optional. So if you can see a “x” in front of the root page uid, that means that the path is marked as dirty.

It is also possible that the path is still available in the tx_realurl_cachehistory, then you can see a “[History:]” with the totally count of its entries of this path. But that is also optional. Background: A new entry for the history cache is only generated if the path changed (the title of the page or the speaking URL path segment) and is still available in the cache, but marked as dirty.

Another optional information is the prefix “[Delegation]“, but I must admit, I don`t know what this means. This is related to the doktype as far as I know. But, if you know it, please add a comment below this post.

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